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Free Courses By Navttc, Saylani, JDC, Bano Qabil & Digiskill

Free Courses By Navttc, Saylani, JDC, Bano Qabil & Digiskill

Salam Pakistan! In the vibrant tapestry of our beloved country, there lies a treasure trove of opportunities waiting to be unearthed. Imagine a world where learning isn’t confined by financial barriers, where you can acquire valuable skills that open doors to earning opportunities and personal growth. Well, guess what? That world is now a reality, and it’s right at your fingertips!

Free Courses: Your Gateway to Success

We understand the dreams and aspirations that reside within each one of you. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce a range of free courses designed to empower you, our Pakistani brothers and sisters, in various fields, from IT to industrial and vocational courses.

In the realm of free education initiatives in Pakistan, a transformative wave is sweeping across the nation, bringing unprecedented opportunities for skill development and empowerment. At the forefront stands the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC). navttc courses commitment to “Skills for Employability, Skills for All” echoes in the initiatives it spearheads, including free IT courses in Karachi and other cities that act as a gateway for aspiring individuals.

As we delve deeper into the landscape of free courses, we encounter remarkable programs such as Bano Qabil, a groundbreaking youth education initiative by Alkhidmat Karachi. This program offers 100% free advanced IT courses, empowering the youth to launch their careers in the ever-evolving IT industry. Simultaneously, the  JDC Foundation makes its mark with free IT courses, governor Sindh IT course contributing to the transformation of Pakistan’s IT landscape.

Adding to this the Saylani Welfare Trust is renowned for its commitment to providing free courses in various domains, including Saylani courses. Their contribution to skills development is monumental, creating the pioneering Saylani Mass IT Training Program, which has become synonymous with providing quality education in information technology, catering to the masses at no cost. Digiskills is a pioneering program that stands as a beacon in the digital realm. Digiskills, with its focus on empowering individuals with digital literacy, brings a unique flavor to the spectrum of free courses.


What’s on Offer?

1. Free Courses to ace Digitally

In a world that’s rapidly embracing digital transformation, acquiring IT skills is like holding the key to a treasure chest. These free IT courses cover everything from web development to app development, digital marketing, and graphic design. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a curious mind, these courses will equip you with the tools needed to navigate the digital landscape.

2. Industrial Courses for the Innovators

For those fascinated by the machinery and mechanics that power industries, these free industrial courses provide a gateway to understanding and mastering various industrial processes. From machinery operation to safety protocols, these courses cater to the dreamers who wish to contribute to the industrial heartbeat of Pakistan.

3. Vocational Courses for the Skilled Artisans

Craftsmanship is a heritage we hold dear. These free vocational courses are tailored for those who seek to hone traditional and modern skills alike. From carpentry to plumbing, and from electrical work to tailoring, these courses celebrate the skills that make our communities thrive.


Navttc Course

Understanding NAVTTC Courses

Welcome to a world of opportunities with the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) Program.

Understanding NAVTTC

Let us introduce you to the dynamic realm of the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), an influential force in shaping Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) since its inception in 2005. Their diverse array of Navvtc courses, spanning from technology to vocational training, are tailored to meet the demands of today’s job market. Whether you’re exploring NAVTTC courses, navigating through the candidate registration process, or delving into the National Skills Information System (NSIS), we are here to guide you through each step. With user-friendly online applications, covering courses from 2021 to 2024, and a straightforward registration form, NAVTTC ensures a seamless experience for every eager learner. From Islamabad to the farthest corners, NAVTTC acts as a bridge, connecting aspirations to achievements.

NAVTTC is on a mission to bridge skill gaps, ensuring that individuals are equipped with the expertise needed for today’s dynamic workforce. The significance of NAVTTC’s role becomes even more apparent when we consider the broader landscape of Free Courses in Pakistan. In a concerted effort to bridge gaps and break barriers, NAVTTC is not merely offering education; it’s providing a pathway for individuals to break free from limitations. These courses span various fields, catering to the diverse aspirations of Pakistan’s population. From vocational skills to industrial training and beyond, NAVTTC is democratizing education, making it a tool for empowerment rather than a privilege.

Tailored Training Programs

Explore navttc courses with a diverse range of training programs, and navttc candidate registration which is also covered in the article. From technical skills to soft skills, NAVTTC ensures a holistic approach to education. NAVTTC’s courses are meticulously crafted to align with industry needs, highlighting the importance of staying current in a rapidly evolving job market.

A navttc courses list that can be done under the Navttc Program are:

1. Sales and Marketing

Customer Services and Sales Representative


Digital Marketing And SEO

Information Technology:

Computer Network Assistant

CIT Development (Web, Software, Mobile Application)

Web Design and Graphic design

CIT (Game Development and modeling)

CIT Designing (UI UX) Web App Designing

Data Science and Analytics (Business Intelligence)

Big Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning and Machine Learning)

Blockchain Programming

Cyber Security


Software Development

Networking and Cloud Computing

Database Administration (DBA Track)

Certificate in Cisco Network Administration

Intelligent Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Automotive and Mechanical Engineering:

Automotive Mechatronics

Industrial Automation

Advanced CNC Operator

Die and Moulds Maker

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Operator

Electronics and Electrical:

Motor Winding-converted

UPS & Solar PV Technician

Domestic Electrical Appliances and Technician

Advanced Electrical Power System

Electrical Technician (Industrial and Home)

Manufacturing and Industrial Processes:

CAD-CAE for Digital Manufacturing

Ceramics Manufacturing

PCB Design & Manufacturing

Offset Printing Machine Operator

Paintless Dent Repair & Vehicle Paint Technician (2)

Ship Steel Fabrication

Industrial Stitching Machine Operator

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Operator

2. Printing and Designing:

Graphic Designing & Video Editing

Graphic Designing (Print Media)

Environmental and Renewable Energy:

Energy Efficiency Management

Renewable Energy (Solar & Biomass)

Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind)

WWTT (Wastewater Treatment)

Hydroponic Farming

Hospitality and Culinary:

Restaurant Manager

Event Management, Cooking & Catering

Barista Skills

Chef de Partie

Food & Beverages Management

Culinary Arts Professional Chef

Hotel Management

Kitchen Gardening

Baking and Patisserie

Construction and Mechanical:

Final Plumber with Solar Water Heating

Building Electrician and Solar PV Technician

Industrial Electrician

Advanced Welding

Overhead Crane Operator in the Shipping Industry

Ship Steel Fabrication

Boiler Operator



Heavy Machinery Operator

Heavy Machinery Mechanic

Auto Mechanic

Motorcycle Mechanic

Full Stack Development

Electric Arc Welding 

Textile and Fashion:

Textile Handicraft, Spinning & Weaving

Fashion Designing and Dress Making

Industrial Stitching Machine Operator

Leather Garments Pattern Maker

3. Business and Management:

Computerized Accounting

Applied Supply Chain Management

Project Management

Certificate in Office Management

Export Import Documentation

Financial Accounting

Health and Safety:

Health Safety Environment

Fire Safety Technician

Health and Safety Officer

Arts and Design:

Gemology Carving & Faceting

Textile Designing with CAD CAM

Creative Arts (Fine Arts)

Graphic Designing & Video Editing

Industrial Stitching Machine Operator

Hand and Machine Embroidery

Machine Embroidery

Textile Merchandising

Textile Dyeing and Printing (Wet Processing)

Textile Knitting (Knitting Machine Operator)

Textile Testing and Quality Control in Garments

Industrial Stitching

Advanced Product Design and CAM

Advanced AutoCAD (Civil-Electrical)


Agricultural Farm Manager

Agriculture Soil and Water Testing

Pesticide and Fertilizer Technician

Bee Farm Manager

Citrus Production

Mushroom Cultivation

Tractor Driver and Mechanic

Hydroponic Farming

Tunnel Farming

Agriculture and Livestock:

Livestock Manager

Animal Disease Control

Veterinary Poultry and Dairy Assistant

Dairy Farm Manager and Dairy Business

Poultry Farm Manager

Poultry Housing and Management

Bee Farm Manager

Fish Farming

Plant Operations:

Plant Operator

Agriculture Soil and Water Testing

Mushroom Cultivation

Hydroponic Farming


Navttc registration form

Navttc Admission Batch 5

navttc candidate registration is a 100% Free Program, meaning there are no admission and monthly fees. Registration on NAVTTC programs I s crucial for aspiring candidates. Let’s walk through the streamlined admission and registration process:

Online Application (Step 1):

Begin your navttc apply online journey by submitting an online application. On   It’s a user-friendly process, that allows you to provide essential details, and select the desired program or Course, select the center location in which you will be taking classes. Remember You can select Three Different Courses, and it is up to navttc in which program your name will appear for the interview. So Choose courses wisely.

Interview and Selection (Step 2):

Now selected candidates will be called for an interview in which the interviewer will ask program-related questions, this program is 100% free so the interview might be tough as Navttc aims to identify the most suitable candidates, ensuring a fair selection process based on merit and program compatibility.

Confirmation and Documentation (Step 3): Successful candidates receive confirmation of their acceptance into the program. They are then guided through the documentation process, completing all necessary paperwork.

Orientation and Induction (Step 4): To facilitate a smooth transition, NAVTTC organizes orientation sessions and inductions, providing insights into the program’s structure, expectations, and available resources. for over 10 years, the NAVTTC program has stood as a beacon of transformative Free education, unlocking doors to diverse career paths. As it continues to evolve and adapt to changing times, NAVTTC remains committed to empowering individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of work.

Digiskill Course

DigiSkills Courses

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword but a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. DigiSkills, a pioneering initiative by the Government of Pakistan, aims to equip individuals with the digital skills essential for thriving in the digital age. Whether you aspire to become a freelance professional, enhance your digital marketing prowess, or delve into the intricacies of e-commerce, DigiSkills has a program tailored for you. These are 100% Free online Courses.

 DigiSkills Programs at a Glance

Digiskill has been providing many free online courses  which include:

Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

Video Editing, Animation, and Vlogging

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Communication and Soft Skills

Affiliate Marketing
Virtual Assistant

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Creative Writing

E-Commerce Management

Digital Literacy



Admission Process for DigiSkills Programs

Step 1: Registration

Getting started with DigiSkills is a breeze. Visit the official website and register for an account. Provide the necessary details to create your profile.

Step 2: Program Selection

Once registered, browse through the diverse programs offered by DigiSkills. Select the programs that align with your interests and career goals.

Step 3: Enrollment

After choosing your desired program, enroll by providing additional details and confirming your participation. Rest assured, DigiSkills programs are open to individuals from various backgrounds.

Step 4: Course Access

Upon successful enrollment, you gain access to the course materials and resources. DigiSkills offers a user-friendly online platform, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Step 5: Learning and Certification

Immerse yourself in the engaging course content. Participate in quizzes, assignments, and discussions to reinforce your learning. Upon completion, receive a certification recognized in the digital industry.DigiSkills opens doors to a world of digital opportunities. Whether you’re a freelancer, marketer, entrepreneur, or creative individual, DigiSkills provides the platform and resources for you to thrive in the digital landscape.


Bani Qabil CoursesBano Qabil Program

In the heart of Karachi, a revolutionary initiative is taking shape – Bano Qabil, a youth education program by Alkhidmat Karachi. This ambitious project aims to empower the city’s youth with cutting-edge IT skills, offering 100% free, advanced courses to pave the way for successful careers in employment and freelancing.

Bano Qabil is more than just an educational program; it’s a vision to bridge the gap between education and industry needs. By providing free access to advanced IT courses, Bano Qabil strives to equip the youth of Karachi with the latest technologies, ensuring they have a competitive edge in the job market and freelancing platforms.

Bano Qabil Program Courses

In collaboration with academia and industry experts, Bano Qabil has curated special courses like

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Private Label Mastery

Content Writing And ChatGPT

Sales And Lead Generation

Shopify, WordPress, And Wix

Cyber Security Fundamentals

Essentials Of Computing And Programming

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Figma, And Canva

Video Editing And Animation With Adobe Premiere Pro And After Effects

Building With HTML, CSS, And JavaScript

The Art of Digital Marketing & Freelancing

UI/UX Design And Frontend Development With React.JS

Backend Development With NodeJs, Express, And MongoDB

Unlocking The Power Of Dart For Mobile App Development

Flutter Environment To Application Development


Admission Process for Bano Qabil Program

Getting started with Bano Qabil is a straightforward process:

1. Online Registration

Prospective students can register online through the official Bano Qabil website The registration process is user-friendly, requiring basic information to create a student profile.

2. Course Selection

Once registered, studentsBani Qabil resgistration

ts can choose from the diverse range of courses offered by Bano Qabil at The program caters to various interests, allowing students to select a course aligned with their career goals.

3. Selection Process

Bano Qabil follows a merit-based selection process. The selection is based on academic performance, aptitude for the chosen course, and the candidate’s commitment to completing the program.

4. Orientation Session

Selected students undergo an orientation session to familiarize themselves with the program structure, expectations, and the resources available to them. This session sets the foundation for a successful learning journey.


Bano Qabil offers a dynamic learning experience:

1. Specialized Courses

Students engage in specialized courses designed to meet industry demands. The curriculum covers the latest trends and technologies, ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges of the IT landscape.

2. Industry Collaboration

The program’s collaboration with industry experts and leading tech universities ensures that students receive practical insights and hands-on experience, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application.

3. Internship Opportunities

As part of Bano Qabil, students are eligible for internship offers with renowned software houses and marketing agencies. This practical exposure enhances their skills and prepares them for the professional world.

4. Career Opportunities

Upon completion of their courses, Bano Qabil graduates are well-positioned for immediate job opportunities. The program aims for a 90% placement rate, contributing to the growth of Karachi’s IT industry.



Saylani Free It Courses

Saylani Free Courses

Founded on the principles of humanitarianism and community welfare, Saylani Welfare International Trust is a beacon of hope for those seeking education and skill development. With a commitment to providing quality education at no cost, Saylani has become a trailblazer in the field of IT education.

 Why Saylani IT Free Courses?

Accessible Education for All

Saylani IT courses break down barriers to education. The free courses are open to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their financial backgrounds.

Holistic Skill Development

The courses offered by Saylani go beyond just technical skills. They emphasize a holistic approach, ensuring learners acquire a well-rounded skill set that is applicable in real-world scenarios.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Saylani IT courses are crafted to meet the demands of the ever-evolving IT industry. The curriculum is regularly updated to align with industry standards, keeping learners abreast of the latest technologies and trends.

A Glimpse into Saylani IT Free Courses

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Private Label Mastery

Content Writing And ChatGPT

Sales And Lead Generation

Shopify, WordPress, And Wix

Cyber Security Fundamentals

Essentials Of Computing And Programming

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Figma, And Canva

Video Editing And Animation With Adobe Premiere Pro And After Effects

Building With HTML, CSS, And JavaScript

UI/UX Design And Frontend Development With React.JS

The Art of Digital Marketing & Freelancing

Backend Development With NodeJs, Express, And MongoDB

Unlocking The Power Of Dart For Mobile App Development

Flutter Environment To Application Development

Saylani  Courses Admission Process

How to apply for a Saylani  Courses admission

1. Registration Process

Getting started with Saylani IT courses is straightforward. The registration process is user-friendly, allowing individuals to sign up for their desired courses online.

2. Course Access and Learning Materials

Upon registration, learners gain access to the course materials. These include video lectures, reading materials, and practical exercises that facilitate a comprehensive learning experience.

3. Skill Development and Practical Projects

Saylani IT courses emphasize hands-on learning. Learners engage in practical projects, applying their knowledge to real-world scenarios, thereby enhancing their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

4. Evaluation and Certification

To ensure the proficiency of learners, Saylani conducts assessments and evaluations. Successful completion results in a certification that holds value in the job market.

Saylani IT free courses epitomize the transformative power of education. By breaking down financial barriers and providing quality IT education, Saylani is not just imparting skills but fostering a culture of empowerment and self-reliance.



xjdc it city.jpg.pagespeed.ic .EPG9 0WgpW 1JDC Free IT City Courses

The JDC  Foundation Pakistan understands this well and has set forth a remarkable initiative – free IT courses that empower aspiring learners to step into the world of technology. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the offerings of JDC’s free IT courses and shed light on the transformative opportunities they present. 


Embark on a learning journey with JDC’s initiative, offering a diverse selection of 40+ free courses! As we enhance our education and commit to continuous learning, we unlock the potential for forging new connections, refining our marketable skills, and gaining deeper insights. This project is a gateway for the people of Pakistan to acquire a multitude of skills, paving the way for them to explore freelancing opportunities and become vendors on various platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Daraz, and more. The expansive array of free courses opens doors to a world of possibilities, enabling individuals to broaden their skill set and embrace versatile roles in the evolving landscape of online commerce.

Types Of Free Courses offered by JDC Free It City

Amazon Drop Shipping


English Language

Web Development

Ali Baba


Graphic Designing








Woo Commerce




JDC Free IT City Admission Form

1. Registration Process Admission Form

Getting started with JDC free IT courses is a seamless process. Visit the official website,, and Download the Registration Form.JDC free It City

2. Submission Of Form

After downloading the form, take a printout of it. Enter the requested information in the form.

Then submit this form free of cost at your nearest Leopard Courier Branch.

3. Interactive Learning Sessions

Engage in interactive learning sessions that combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications. JDC’s courses are structured to facilitate a dynamic and enriching learning experience.

As the JDC Foundation continues to empower learners through free IT courses, the vision extends to creating a future where digital literacy is a universal right. JDC envisions a world where individuals are not just consumers of technology but active contributors and innovators.

JDC free IT City courses exemplify the transformative power of education. By making quality IT education accessible to all, JDC is not just opening doors but paving the way for a future where technology is a force for positive change.


As we navigate through this rich tapestry of free education initiatives, the inclusion of Digiskills alongside programs like Bano Qabil, JDC, Saylani, and NAVTTC or governor Sindh IT course completes the mosaic of opportunities available to the people of Pakistan. Together, these initiatives embody the spirit of a nation committed to fostering a skilled, empowered, and digitally literate society. Whether it’s in traditional skills, IT, or the digital frontier, these programs collectively contribute to a vision of Pakistan where education knows no boundaries and where individuals are equipped with the skills to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century. Pakistan, your journey to success begins now. These free courses are not just about education; they’re about empowerment, opportunity, and a brighter future. Let’s unlock the doors together, and may your dreams soar high!

Get started on your path to success. Enroll in these free courses today and let your potential flourish.



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